[ 28-05-2020 ]

Happy Farm Slot Review

What do you aim to achieve when playing online casino slot games? Many do so for the enjoyment, the fun they get from playing some of the best games available online. The Happy Farm slot game by DreamTech encourages players to escape their nine to five lives in the city and bring out their inner child by visiting the Happy Farm. It’s sure to rekindle wonderful memories of childhood, in a slot game arena. Find out more at ECWON Malaysia Online Casino!
This 5-reel, 30 payline slot game offers players a great chance of winning on every turn of the reels. There are bonuses, multipliers and a grand jackpot to be won! It’s not often you get to say that when visiting a farm.

Graphics That Aren’t Sheepish

The paytable on this slot are full of foods that are fed to farm animals, alongside icons more regular to casino slot machines. Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace are included in a paytable that also boasts pictures of red peppers, tomatoes and sweetcorn. Wild and Scatter symbols include the cute animals, such as cows and pigs, which have been given human features like a smile. It’s a cute game, certainly different to slot games that can be found elsewhere on online casinos.
The screen is easy to negotiate as it’s dominated by the 5 reels. Along the bottom and top of the screen is all the in-play information needed to enjoy the slot element of this online casino game. The top section displays how much could be won in each of the four big jackpots: Grand, Major, Minor and Mini. Along the footer is where players confirm how much they’re staking, see what the paytable is via a different window and click to allow the game to be played in ‘auto’ mode.

It’s Time to Make the Animals, and You, Happy!

Happy Farm slot game is a sensational nostalgic casino game by YoYou Gaming that adults can enjoy as they escape the pressures of modern life. It’s a calming and tranquil game that spreads joy in a way not many other slot games do. Smiling farm animals that can trigger bonuses, free spins and multipliers, a backdrop that sends players to the countryside and 30 paylines that offers a great chance of winning big and frequently.
It is a strange mix but it’s a marriage that seems to be blossoming – combining farm animals with online slot games. Judging by the success this game is having so far, slot fans love the idea of it. I’d strongly recommend playing this slot game, it’s very different to others and it’s worth, at least once, giving it a try.
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