Why Bull Bull is so much fun in ECWON?
[ 31-12-2019 ]

Why Bull Bull is so much fun in ECWON?

ECWON Bull Bull is a variation of a traditional card game which is very popular with Asian gamblers. Hosted by live dealers, Live Bull Bull (also called Niu Niu) is available at live casinos powered by Asia Gaming, one of the leading game providers offering Asia-facing casino games.

As in other card games, the main objective of Live Bull Bull is to create a better hand, so the bigger the size of a player’s “bull”, the higher the chances of winning. Another name for the game is Bull Fight, so stay with us to learn more about it and the reasons it is hugely popular with players from China and South East Asia.

The game uses 52 cards from poker (excluding ghost cards), and 5 cards are distributed to each house.

First find out 3 cards from 5 cards that can be combined into multiples of 10 or 10, and add the remaining 2 cards.

If the points are more than 10 points added, 10 points will be subtracted. This is the point of the game.

You have the following betting options:

[Xianyi]: Double, double.

[Xian Er]: Double, double.

[Leisure three]: flat, double.

When betting on doubling, the member ’s [Available Balance],

Must be 5 times higher than [Bet Score] (Bet Score X5 Odds), please pay more attention.

This is not the case when the bet is doubled.


Member A: [Available balance: 500].

Double the highest bet score: 100, and the highest double bet score: 500.

Psychological tactics, please keep in mind three things: luck, boldness, and carefulness.

When you’re feeling lucky and lucky, don’t flinch, be bold and press the injection, good luck will definitely be on your side!

There are many ways to play in Niu Niu. You must carefully consider the playing style of other players.

Therefore, players can observe the play of other opponents, and then think about their strategies.

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