918Kiss vs Pusy888
[ 02-10-2019 ]

918Kiss vs Pusy888

Newcomers to the Malaysian online casino Pussy888 may mean 918Kiss. Today, the admin will be reviewing a bit about the game from Pussy888. It is possible that some people already know about Pussy888, for those who do not know, this Pussy888 App is relatively new in Malaysia. The shape of the game in this Pussy888 App is about the same as the 918Kiss.
However, what distinguishes it is the rather attractive design in which it looks more like a cartoon than an online casino itself. Below I will distinguish between the two:
Random Jackpot
(918Kiss) as you know, the 918Kiss random jackpot is real. It’s been proven that many games already have a random jackpot of 918Kiss.
(Pussy888) To your knowledge, Pussy888 also contains minor, major, random and special jackpots. But does that really happen. Yes in Pussy888 player has ever dropped a random jackpot. To prove it I have included the proof of the picture below. However, the possibility of dropping a jackpot is a bit difficult compared to 918Kiss.
Free Games
(918Kiss) As you know, the 918Kiss slot is relatively easy to get free games or free spin, but even getting free spin won’t give you a big win if those percentage games are only 1% to 89% to pay. Therefore, it is useful to have a 918Kiss scanner to find out which percentage games are willing to pay up to 99%. For those of you who want to buy the 918Kiss scanner please click here to learn more about the 918Kiss scanner.
(Pussy888) On the other hand, in Pussy888, it is quite difficult to find free games, even when playing with the Pussy888 ID demo. Small bets and big bets, it’s pretty hard to get a free spin. If at all possible, the payments are a bit less reasonable. Pussy888 may need to be upgraded, to attract more players to switch to Pussy888. For this Pussy888 Test ID, you can use this Test ID which is demo1 to demo10000. Password is 1234. To download the Pissy888 app file, go to the Pussy888 website.
Angpow Games
(918Kiss) For those who are actively playing, the chances of getting angpow are high. Depending on the bet value you have before you get the angpow.
(Pussy888) As for the angpow found in Pussy888 it should also be active. Angpow from Pussy888 is called a Fortune Bonus.
So far for this post only, for those of you who are interested in playing Pussy888. Please go to the website below and contact live chat for download.
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