Superstitions Followed by Online Slots Games Singapore Players
[ 08-10-2019 ]

Superstitions Followed by Online Slots Games Singapore Players

Gamblers are known to be one of the most superstitious people of this planet. There are
plenty of different weird stories of Singapore online sports betting players who follow all the
different sorts of superstitions to win the bet are present. If you want to know about some
of the interesting superstitions followed by casino players, then we have listed some of the
most unique superstitions below.
Bad Luck
These are some of the superstitions followed by a live casino Singapore players which are
believed that brings bad luck to the game -
1) The number 13 and 4 are considered as one of the unluckiest numbers while betting.
If you are following the western culture, then number 13 is eventually going to be
the unluckiest number for you. However, if you are followers of the Chinese culture,
then number four will be unlucky on your list because of the number for defines
2) You can cross your fingers before placing the bet, but if you cross your legs then it is
considered as you have crossed your Luck.
3) Many gamblers think that they should never count their money before the end of
the game as it is bad luck because they never know whether they are going to win
more or not.
Good Luck
For the online slots games Singapore some of the good Luck superstitions are also present. If
you want to win lots of cash prizes in your gambling games, and you believe in superstitions,
then you can try to follow these superstitions like the famous gamblers such as -
1) It is one of the most famous good luck superstitions that are followed by most of the
gamblers that by wearing red color clothes they can win more. The logic behind this
superstition is that in the Chinese culture red color has so much significance, it is
related to good luck, wealth, luck and much more. Moreover, in 2005 World Series
Poker runner-up Steve Dannenmann wore the same shirt and cap every day of the
seven-day tournament. Some of the hardcore gamblers also believe that they should
be wearing red colored clothes gifted by someone else as this will bring more luck to
2) Lucky charms have so much significance in the life of a gambler. Every gambler has
his or her own lucky charm which they always keep near them while playing betting
games. Some gamblers might have a lucky ring and some might have lucky shoes
which they want to play games. Some gamblers even have lucky people as their
lucky charm which they always bring with them when they have to play big wager.
Well, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in the superstitions or not really because the
emotions behind the superstitions are very real. So, it is a matter of your own belief
whether you like to believe in these gambling superstitions or not. However, if you like to

follow the superstitions, then you should definitely do that because there are so many
different gamblers who believe in all these superstitions.