What are the gambling laws in Malaysia?
[ 13-11-2019 ]

What are the gambling laws in Malaysia?

In the recent years, with the boom of the internet, gambling has increased in Malaysia
because of many online casinos in Malaysia where games like online betting in Malaysia has
increased. But before online world took over gambling, physical casinos were popular where
there were certain rules by the government that followed with it, like

1. The lottery act of 1952
The lotteries act of 1952 allowed in for the legal operation of the lotteries in Malaysia which
was under the Social and Welfare Services Lotteries Board. Previously, all of the legal
lotteries in Malaysia were said to be government-run but the 3 present providers have been
privately owned since 1985.

2. The betting act of 1953
Malaysia’s betting act of 1953 is said to be the single most piece of legislation with regards
to gambling in the country. The act was amended in 2006 but the act also stated that it does
not apply to approved or licensed gambling activities.

3. The common gaming house act of 1953
This act implies that “the Minister of Finance may, in his discretion, by licence authorize a
company registered under the Companies Act…to promote and organize gaming”. It was
then that the Malaysian government had authorized the running of the country’s single
largest casino which is at the ‘Resort World Genting’