Kimochii Slot Game At Wukong333
[ 06-12-2019 ]

Kimochii Slot Game At Wukong333

Wukong333 Kimochii Slot Game is one of the sexy Japanese slot game. The background come with sexy design, funny and so exciting to play. Besides, it also easy to get win and not hard to get free spin.

There’s a mini game in this Kimochii slots named “Gamble Sex”. During game Win player may choose to GAMBLE thier winning on gamble game features. GAMBLE GAME is a coin base guessing game where player may choose to gamble the next flip coin is Head or Tail, each won may get more multiply return in the next game play, total of 6 multiply level X2, X4, X6, X8, X10, X12, after all wins will return to main game. This is one of the fun part inside Kimochii slots. The rest of the game play just similar like other slots in Wukong333.

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