GIVE QUALITY OF LIVEECWON Charity Vision & Mission:

Since 2019, ECWON's Charity activities have been for the purpose of donating to social welfare, regardless of race, to support education, religion, economies and disadvantaged individuals or families to give support to the society.
We uphold the concept of take from society and use it for society and rely on our best ability to help the poor and the weak in society. We will never raise funds from outside. We only hope to encourage more people to pay attention to and help the disadvantaged groups in society to tide over the difficulties. To a better future.


23/01/2024 Lastest Donation Malaysia RM 57,292.20 more
18/01/2024 Lastest Donation Singapore SGD 53,033.28 more
31/12/2021 December Flood Relief RM 89,383.71 more
26/12/2021 December Donation RM 2,023.06 more
08/12/2021 2021 Qinghan Scholarship RM 10,000 more
31/10/2021 October Donation RM 12,000 more
30/09/2021 September Donation SGD 2,000 more
09/08/2021 Urgent Donation for HFNC breathing tube RM 10,000 more
04/08/2021 ECWON 6TH Anniversary Donation RM 30,210.90 more
01/06/2021 Klang Valley Elderly and Disability Donation RM 10,000 more
01/05/2021 Give.Asia Donation SGD 11,000 more
09/02/2021 February Donation RM 100,000 more
04/02/2021 January Donation SGD 9,996 more
30/12/2020 December Donation RM 14,000 more
24/11/2020 November Donation RM 14,000 more
10/10/2020 October Donation SGD 18,000 more
25/09/2020 September Donation RM 50,000 more
26/08/2020 2020 Qinghan Scholarship RM 20,000 more
17/07/2020 Provide Food For Families Affected by Covid-19 SGD 10,000 more
11/05/2020 Covid-19 Outbreak In Singapore SGD 29,998 more
05/04/2020 Covid-19 Donation RM 108,000 more
07/03/2020 March Donation SGD 19,994 more
19/02/2020 2020 Lunar New Year Donation RM 20,000 more
17/01/2020 2020 Lunar New Year Singapore Donation SGD 19,998 more
06/11/2019 ECWON 5TH Anniversary Donation RM 100,475 more


Our donation target are Nursing Home, Orphanage, Disabled, Community Service, Stray Animal


Donation for August 2020

Jayden Samuel A/L Kumaresan born just over 30 days ago, he was born prematurely at six months old and had to survive on a respirator. ECWON hope that with our little share we can get more people to help this premature baby boy.

Donation for July 2020

The little girl, Xie Siqing, is only 3 years old, and she has been found to have some symptoms of hearing loss. ECWON hope that through our little share can let more people help this little girl together.